Vertebrae Earrings in Copper
Individual vertebrae have been combined with the stones they requested, to bring you a powerful pair of earrings! Pairs are numbered in pics, above. Please make your choice - by number - at checkout. #1 - Russian Serpentine (bottom), yellow "Turquoise" (top). Yellow turquoise is a combination of Jasper and quartz, found in the same mines as Turquoise. It brings energy, grounding, and connection, while the Serpentine aids passion, creativity, and energy. #2 - Goldstone (bottom) and black Tourmaline (top). Goldstone is manmade, yet carries a sparkly energy similar to Hematite, attracting positivity and abundance. Black Tourmaline is deeply grounding, transmuting negative energies into positive energy. #3 - Hematite (bottom) and black Pearl (top). Hematite grounds scattered energies and attracts positive energy and people to you. Black Pearl is an emotion assisting stone, helping us to let go of old stagnating emotions, and shining light into their depths. #4 - Lava rock (bottom) and Carnelian and Jet (top). Lava rock is a Fire Energy stone that energizes and protects, Carnelian is also a Fire Energy stone that energizes and assists with trauma, while Jet is protective, especially in traveling. Bones connect us to the Earth, and are grounding. Vertebrae aid flexibility. The earrings contain all Genuine Copper components. They are all 1-3/4" - 2" in length. Vertebrae have been left in their natural state.