Amethyst Orgonic Energy Earrings in Purple
Amethyst has been combined with Crystal Quartz and purple enameled Copper wire in these powerful Orgonic Energy Earrings, to quieten the mind, calm the emotions, and allow easier contact with Spirit. Amethyst is a Master Healer stone that heals on all levels, even with addiction. It is protective, and provides psychic protection. It is the Stone of Transformation, Spirituality, and dream recall. Strengthens psychic abilities, intuition, emotions, dreams, and opens up the psychic mind. Orgonic Energy Devices are generators that are sources of Etheric Energy (chi, qi, life force energy, Prana, etc.). They transmute negative energies and harmful EMF energies into positive energy that is radiated outwards. They do this using a mixture of organic (metal), and inorganic (resin) materials. Stones are added to the mixture to amp up the energies transmitted and to generate specific energies to the user. Earrings are 2-3/4" in length. They are on Sterling Silver fish hook style ear wires, with Amethyst and Czech glass beads. Wire wrapping is non-tarnish silver and purple enameled Copper. All details, energies, and any instructions needed are provided with purchase.