Garnet Pyramid Orgonic Energy Necklace
*27.5" in length *Burgundy leather cord *Hand hammered brass clasp *Wood, bone, and glass beads Designed to stir your passion, and to make you more receptive to the passionate, creative energies of the Universe. This Pyramid shape also plays on the energies of Numerology. It is a 3 sided pyramid, with 3 representing manifestation, and it has a total of 5 faces, with 5 representing Change. Garnet is known for inciting passion and provoking commitment. It also brings prosperity, love, strength, Personal Power, success, and victory. It stimulates the Kundalini, and balances emotions, by clearing the emotional layer of the Aura. It has been known to drive away fatigue, and all red stones work with your blood in strengthening it. Works on the Earth Star thru the Heart Chakras. Combined in this piece with Snow Quartz, to soften the energies, to support the feminine, and to assist with introspection and compassion, among other things. Snow Quartz works with the Crown Chakra. In addition, this piece also contains Crystal Quartz (focus, clarity, amplification of energies), and genuine brass (money, healing, protection, and reflects negative energies back to the sender). ORGONIC ENERGY DEVICES: Orgonic Energy Devices are energy generators that are a source of Etheric Energy (Chi/Qi/Prank, etc.). They transmute negative energies, as well as harmful EMF energies, into positive energy that is radiated outwards. They do this using a mixture of organic (metals) and inorganic (resin) material. Stones are added to the mixture to amp up the energies transmitted, and to generate specific energies to the user. The constant compression of the ingredients is the factor that brings the constant clearing of negative and harmful EMF energies, the transmutation into positive energy, the radiating of positive energy, and the radiating of specific energies. All details are sent with purchase.