Prosperity Sacred Palo Santo Wood Inland Necklace
Created specifically to assist you with Prosperity, Abundance, adding passion to your life, attracting positive energies, and manifesting what you desire. Palo Santo is a Holy Wood that is used for smudging and purification. It carries a very high vibrational energy. It is excellent for opening and clearing the Chakras and the Aura. The Palo Santo Wood was inlaid with Golden Rutilated Quartz containg Hematite, Garnet, and Tiger Eye, then sealed with Orgonic resin, to protect the piece and to amplify it's energies in your life, while transmuting negative energies and harmful EMF energies into positive energy that is radiated outwards. 17.5" in length 2" pendant length Coffee brown leather cord Genuine brass toggle clasp All details included with purchase.