Live every week like it is Shark Week with this Serving Tray. A perfect novelty piece for small get-togethers or a gift for the person who has everything. I choose to use wood that is recognized as being optimal for food contact and appealing aesthetic properties. Wood is sourced locally in the Northeastern United States from small end sawmills. This lumber is harvested through sustainable and responsible practices. Any lumber designed to be in contact with food is kiln dried for stability and undergoes a heat treating process for sterilization. A complimentary care kit with instructions is included with every order. **Shipping update** Due to the USPS shipping delays, I am working with a 3rd party shipping parter, and can ship with UPS and FedEx in addition to USPS. If your due date is within 2 weeks, please send a message so I can offer alternative shipping methods. Common Varieties (The listings show favored combinations, but upon request, these varieties can be mixed and matched in your Sharkuterie board) Walnut: Best known for its varying ranges of chocolate hue streaks running throughout it's grain. It leads to a very dapper looking shark! Hard Maple: This is an industry standard for cutting boards, due to its availability, hardness, and small pores which is helpful with blocking bacteria. This has a light appearance, but darkens with time. Cherry: Another classic wood used for cutting boards. Typically a straight grained lumber with a reddish brown characteristic that darkens with time. Less Common Varieties (Shop Quantities will be updated when available) American Sycamore: Close in appearance to Hard Maple, but in my opinion has a prettier grain pattern. Coveted in the Culinary Industry its natural Antimicrobial properties while being non-toxic. Catalpa: This lumber is somewhat rare due to it primarily being used as an ornamental tree, and not able to grow too large. When found, I enjoy working with this, it releases a somewhat spicy scent and is very easy to shaped with hand tools. Ambrosia Maple: This type of maple is softer than hard maple (go figure), but makes up for it in beautiful grain patterns and dark brown milk chocolate shaded flecks. Depending on the method milling the lumber, iridescent ribbons can be seen running perpendicular to the light brown grain. This food safe hardwood comes treated with Mineral Oil and Beeswax. I enjoy and stand behind my work. Feel free reach out with any questions, concerns, or special requests before moving forward with your purchase. I typically answer in less than a day