Moon and Stars Balance Toy Stress Relief
Stack the stars or balance them to one side before they fall. This is a fun handcrafted addition to home and office. Beautifully promotes strategy, concentration, and stress relief. The puzzle pictured was used in my office for many months as a stress reliever for co-workers. I've made several other types of balance games for other floors of my building upon their request. Management within the building agree that it helps with stress as long as it does not become a second job. The solid wood used in the photos are cherry, elm, madrona, maple, oak, pine, and walnut. Other species are available. Unless otherwise specified, Moon and Stars includes one crescent moon with one extra large star, eight large stars and five small stars in a variety of solid wood species. Extra large star measures a little over 2 inches wide Each large star is approximately 1-5/8 inches wide Each small star is approximately 1 inch wide Moon is approximately 7 inches wide Each moon and star is individually cut, sanded, and finished by hand with linseed oil to protect the wood. As with most handmade art, slight variation in character of the grain and color will occur with each project. Additional stackers and puzzled in accompanying photos are examples of how those in my office have used them as a stress relief and so-working collaboration. These and other stackers and puzzled have been seen throughout my building. Items outside of what is listed above are not included with this item, but are available for purchase upon request. The wonderful lady in two of the photos makes the best chili sauce; Awesome Sauce.