Dhurrie Rug Runner || Cotton Dhurrie Runner || Flatwoven Rug  Runner|| Black & White Dhurrie Rug Runner|| Indian Vintage Rug Runner
Our high-quality cotton dhurries runners are tightly hand woven on a traditional loom. Known for their sturdy character and bright colors. Made from natural, hand spun and hand dyed cotton. Flatwoven cotton dhurrie Runner. Made by 100% cotton. Handwoven in Rajasthan. Fully reversible & Flatweave Rug, made in the desert area of Rajasthan, INDIA. This rug is woven by hand on traditional wooden loom. Made from the handspun, hand dyed, pure, sustainable cotton. This rug runner is reversible, same design on both sides. This Indian handwoven rug runner would be an excellent accent to any room. This rug runner could also be decorated on wall. Fast Colors. Dimension - 1.5 X 5 Feet