Inverted Question sculpture
"Disfigured Question" also know as "Snake" is a handcrafted sculpture created using sustainable, repurposed materials and is one of 12 pieces I created in the theme of balance. Thin, sweeping lines of richly figured oak wrapped in a brushed,silver metal, effortlessly support a chunky, oversized white ring precariously perched atop it. The nondescript ring looms heavy and draws the eye away from the seeming improbability of it balancing on a ledge less than a quarter thick. With a few exceptions, each component was sustainably source from materials that would have been discarded or burned and passionately formed into my symbolic vision of our balance and coexistence with nature. The story behind the Materials used: Oak Form: Scrap from a local cabinet shop, intended to be burnt, this oak was salvaged, then ripped into 1/16" thick strips. The strips were steamed, then carefully bent and laminated together. Once cured, the upright form was then sanded and attached to the base before a final sanding and finish. Oak Base: The oak base was created from a section of an branch from a coastal Oak, in Los Osos, CA (estimated to be approx. 100 yrs. old) and measuring 6" in diameter. The branch was downed by a winter storm and and cut up by an arborist from whom I salvaged it in 2018. The branch section was then planned and resawn before being measured and fitted with the upright form. The finished form and base where then sanded and a clear coat finish applied. Silver Wrapping: Scrap aluminium flashing was collected from a roofing contractor, replacing a roof in Arroyo Grande, CA., 2021. The raw aluminium was formed and bonded to the wood frame. Oversized Ring: The oversized ring was created by finely crushing a broken plaster bust, found at a thrift shop, reconstituting the crushed plaster and then casing it into a form I created. Once set the ring was removed from the form and given a matte white finish. Slight imperfections were left so the viewer can easily identify that the object was not machine made. As with most art and products that use environmentally friendly, natural and salvaged materials, what could be viewed as imperfections, may exist. While I could have covered these, I invite you to view these, as I do, as part of the history and natural ageing beauty of the objects.