The soft curves of concrete and steel are offset by the visual weight of two heavily figured cubes of olive in my sculpture "Wood Chunks". Crafted from repurposed sustainable materials, it is one of 12 pieces I created in the theme of "Balance" figurative and literal, for a recent show. Two solid olive "chunks" of wood were carefully crafted to have near identical weight and shape. A hand bent fulcrum, precariously perches upon concrete platform, anchored by a spiral industrial spring. Created in the contomporary art motif, it represents the finite balance between man made and natural materials, as well as physically balance. With the exception of the finishes and mounting eye screws, each component was sustainably source from materials, that would have been discarded or burned, and passionately formed into my vision. The story behind the materials used: Olive Wood Chunks: The chunks of wood were Concrete Castings: The concrete castings were created by regrinding existing concrete into aggregate. Limestone was fired then ground in an outdoor oven. once cooled it was ground into a powder and mixed with sand water and the aggregate and cast into moulds. The finished concrete castings were then coated with three coats of epoxy for a gloss finish and durability. Wire Fulcrum: The fulcrum was a chrome coated, industrial coat hanger. The finish was stripped away and the steel annealed and reformed. Once cooled it was then coated with an enamel finish. Steel Coil: The steel coil was purchased from an antique show and originates from a 1920's era passenger car. The coil spring was gently hand rubbed to remove loose debris and then finished with 10 coats of semi gloss urethane. As with most art and products that use environmentally friendly, natural and salvaged materials, what could be viewed as imperfections, may exist. While I could have covered these, I invite you to view these, as I do, as part of the history and natural ageing beauty of the objects..