Original, hand carved wood, steel and porcelain sculpture from sustainably collected materials
The elegant, yet rustic curving lines of "Spoons" is one of twelve pieces created I created for an art show / installation. The sculpture was created to representation of both physical balance, and the finite balance between man and nature. With the exception of the finish, each component was sustainably source from materials that would have been discarded or burned and passionately formed into my symbolic vision of our coexistence with nature. The story behind the materials used: Fulcrum: A single olive tree branch, downed during a winter storm, San Luis Obispo, CA, was planted in 1963 and saved by from an arborist committing it to firewood in 2018. It was hand carved to extenuate both its natural beauty as well as to act as the mathematical balancing point between the chrome/ steel bearing and the birch wood ball. Chrome Bearing: An industrial machine bearing that was salvaged from the scrap of an industrial press, in Los Angeles, CA (mfd. 1968), this bearing was to be sold and melted down as scrap. It has been degreased and polished to restore it to its original reflective beauty. Birch Ball: The birch wood ball was created from the stump of birch tree (originally planted in 1957) that was removed (San Luis Obispo, 2019) after dying in California's drought. The stump was turned and sanded on a lathe to create a substantially larger, but matching, orb form to the chrome bearing, then stained and finished. Porcelain Base: Reclaimed porcelain slag, from a local ceramicist, was collected reconstituted porcelain was used to create the hollow base. After forming and firing it, the base was spray finished in a semi gloss so accentuate, but not distract from the central elements. (San Luis Obispo, 2021) As with most art and products that use environmentally friendly, natural and salvaged materials, what could be viewed as imperfections, may exist. While I could have covered these, I invite you to view these, as I do, as part of the history and natural ageing beauty of the objects..