Hand Made, End Grain, Beech Cutting and Bread Board, Sustainably Collected and Created
A creamy brown background is richly figured with deep brown veins that accentuate this one of a kind, artisan made cutting board / butcher block. This medium size cutting board is made of locally grown and sustainably collected Beech. It was not produced as one of many identical boards from wood bought from a wholesale or retail store, who have little or no idea where or how the material was harvested. The finished cutting board is exactly the one pictured in the photo. Rubber feet with stainless steel screws have already been added. The board measures: 14.75" x 10.5" x 1.25" If you purchase this board, it will provide you many, many years of use, provided you take care of it. Please, hand wash only. Do not submerge in water or wash in a dish washing machine. Every 30 days a coat of wood conditioner should be applied. This is inexpensive way to preserve your boards and can be purchased at most grocery or hardware stores. Shipping: Shipping in the continental US is free. Sorry to those of you in Alaska and Hawaii, but the cost of shipping a large board like this is substantial. If you would really like it, message me. The Artisans story: I am an advocate for sustainability and producing things the are friendly to our environment. I try hard to only buy materials and use process that are viewed as sustainable and environmentally friendly. Working with local tree services and sometimes contractors, I purchase materials that would typically become landfill or get burned as fire wood. As a result, I hand produce things specific to the materials I have and to minimize the amount of waste. All of the sawdust I produce is donated for local gardeners to compost and scarp ( which i estimate at lest than 2%) is ground for mulch I donate. The Boards Story: An uncharacteristic bold, summer lighting storm, stuck a 120 foot Beech tree in rural Atascadero, CA (2019). While the tree lived beyond the strike, a hulking bow was sent crashing to the ground. While most of the smaller limbs of the bow were unusable and ground into mulch, I was able to save a section of the man branch, 7.25" in diameter and 8.5' long. I cut this log on my bandsaw into slabs and let them air dry for 2 years. I then kiln dried the slabs to a finished moisture content of no more than 9%. From there I produced the cutting board. The mineral oil used to seal the board is organic and finish coat of board conditioner is produced using organic mineral and tea tree oils and local produced organic bees wax (Arroyo Grand, CA).