Red Jasper Solid Gemstone Bracelet for Overall Good Health
Known as the "Stone of Health", Red Jasper is a great stone for all aspects of your life. Whether this means your mental, physical, or emotional health, it will be balanced with this beautiful bracelet.This is also a great choice for you if you have any circulatory issues or concerns. This bracelet is made with 8mm Red Jasper. SIZING INFORMATION Please measure your wrist with a measuring tape to ensure the most accurate measurement. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can also use a string by wrapping it around your wrist and then cutting the piece of string. After you have your cut string, place it alongside a ruler and write down your measurement. To ensure a perfect fit, please had 0.5 inch to your wrist measurement, if you want a little room please add .75 inches to your wrist measurement.