Malachite Bracelet for Guidance, Transformation and Balance in Life
A little guidance and balance never hurts. Malachite clears and activates the chakras. It helps to get to the root of a problem, enhances intuition and insight, alleviates mental disturbances, combats dyslexia, strengthens the ability to retain and process information, makes you more observant, helps with understanding difficult concepts, releases negative experiences and old traumas. Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily, guards against radiation of all kinds, clears emf pollution, clears and activates the chakras, attunes to spiritual guidance, brings balance and harmony (heart), and opens it to unconditional love, activates visualization and psychic visions (third-eye). Additional attributes are that it assists in receiving insights from the subconscious, intensely increases the life you live, encourages risk-taking and change, removes spiritual growth blockages, draws out deep feelings, breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns, teaches how to take responsibility for one’s actions/ thoughts/ feelings, releases inhibitions, and alleviates shyness. This green beauty is made with 8mm beads of Malachite. SIZING INFORMATION Please measure your wrist with a measuring tape to ensure the most accurate measurement. If you do not have a measuring tape, you can also use a string by wrapping it around your wrist and then cutting the piece of string. After you have your cut string, place it alongside a ruler and write down your measurement. To ensure a perfect fit, please had 0.5 inch to your wrist measurement, if you want a little room please add .75 inches to your wrist measurement..