Majestic Rose

Gemstone Jewelry and Accessories

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Davie, FL
Owned By
Lindsey Morey
Store Details
Hello everyone and welcome to A Majestic Rose!! I am grateful and blessed to be able to spread love and crystal energy. I have finally found an outlet to use my creativity! Yay! It can now be used to aid in healing those around me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically with all of earth’s little treasures. A little about me... I have always been a very spiritual, extremely intuitive, and always have been nurturing through my youth into my adult years. I was introduced to crystals a few years ago by my daughter, who is extremely, extremely fascinated by their looks and capabilities. Our family has always been into holistic, natural methods of healing and medicine. I started to do my own research on crystals and their healing properties and fell in love with all that they have to offer. I wear my bracelets regularly and meditate with my crystals often. I am a firm believer that crystals can heal all sorts of ailments and apprehensions. We have seen a huge difference in our attitudes towards everyday life, communication,creativity, manifestation and all around positive spirits after incorporating crystals. I craft my bracelets as though I would be wearing them myself. I have seen a huge difference in my life after incorporating crystals. My family and I have the ability to share some of our secrets with you! We are extremely excited to be able to help those that may not understand crystals and their healing properties. Remember, there’s a stone for everything and everyone! For example, there are stones for anxiety, relationships, self-love, assertiveness, fertility, attracting wealth, inner peace, and so many more! A little about my shop... I create all of my bracelets with genuine love, passion, positivity, oh and the crystals of course! Our stones are all handpicked and selected for each bracelet. All of my bracelets are made as if we are going to wear them ourselves, so we strive to be the best! I can create custom orders as well for those that are familiar with crystals and have specific stone or stone combination requests. I will try my best to fulfill any custom order that is presented to me, as long as the stones are available. Please send me a message if you have a specific request. My bracelets will be updated frequently so there will be plenty of variety that will fit anyone's needs. When you purchase from my shop I want you to know that I buy all of my stones from a family operated and owned business here in South Florida. I cleanse all of my crystals and bracelets with sage, to remove any energies from them prior to shipping. When you receive your bracelets they will be ready to be worn upon arrival. The bracelets will be shipped in a small drawstring bag for easy storage. I appreciate you taking time to visit my shop, I hope you enjoy! This store is being dedicated to our Aunt Rose whose favorite colors were yellow and pink. She was the most majestic, free-spirited, nurturing, compassionate, and wittiest woman we have ever met. She loved gemstones and wore them often! With this store, I hope that her legacy will carry on for an eternity. We love you and miss you deeply....
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