Pimento Orange Crocheted Scarf- Great for Summer or Spring - Makes a Great gift - Perfect for Teens and Young Adults -
This orange red crocheted scarf is fancy, fun and perfect for summer or springtime wear! It is lightweight enough that it can be worn any time of the year. Made with one super soft strand of yarn and held together with a black "knot" of yarn, this necklace is perfect to wear to add some jazz to an outfit. This would be the perfect accessory to wear on a night out. This crocheted chain necklace would be a great accessory for people of all ages and it would make a great gift. It would be perfect for teens or young adults looking for something to really add some jazz to an outfit. This particular crocheted chain necklace doesn't have a button. However, if you would like a button on it, let me know. I have a variety of buttons to choose from. When worn, this crocheted chain necklace hangs down just around the chest area - the perfect length! It can also be wrapped twice around your neck to wear like a cowl. If you like this crocheted chain necklace, but would love it even more in another color, let me know. I am happy to work with you to create something in a color you will love! You can return to M Knit's Main shop here: http://bit.ly/1M4H76F