Hand Knit Orange Purple Black Halloween Scarf
This hand knit scarf is a great item to wear in October. A fun scarf made in black, orange and purple, this is another great one for wearing to keep out old man winter. It is a fun Halloween scarf made just for my favorite holiday of the entire year! This scarf measures over 6 feet long and several inches wide. It's knit on larger needles, but the long length makes it great for year round wear! This cozy scarf Will keep out the chill in winter or make a early spring or late fall outfit a little more fun. This scarf would also be great to wear with a fun Halloween costume. As always, this scarf is fun to wear to help funk up an outfit, or just because you feel like it. If you love this scarf, but think it would look fabulous in another color, let me know. I am happy to work with people to create items they will love!