Bright Pink Knit Scarf - Bubble Gum Pink Scarf - Makes a Great Gift - Warm and Cozy Scarf
This bright pink knit scarf is fun, thick, and perfect for winter. It would make a great gift - especially for a teen or young adult who loves the color pink! Made from bright pink and a tie-dyed pink yarn, this scarf is 6 feet of fun! This is the perfect knit scarf to wear in the late fall or winter when you need something to help keep you warm! Or, you can throw it on to dress up an outfit and add a little bright flair. This knit scarf will certainly be a must have item that mother and daughter will have to share, or that you'll have to get to tuck away and use all for yourself! This knit scarf would make a great gift for people who love the color pink or want to keep warm. Current turnaround time for M Knits is 1 business day. ***Washing instructions included with purchase***