Crocheted Chain Necklace - Grey, Black and Fun - Makes a Great Gift - Perfect for Summer or Spring - Great for teens and young adults
This grey crocheted chain scarf is lightweight, fun and perfect for summer or spring wear. Crocheted in a long chain and tied together with a black "knot" - this crocheted chain scarf will go well with a variety of outfits. The crocheted chain scarf would make a great gift! It would be especially great for teenagers and young adults looking for something to jazz up an outfit. When you wear this crocheted chain necklace, it will hang down just below the chest are - it is about a foot and a half long. Caring for your crocheted chain scarf is super easy. You can hand or machine wash it in cool or cold water, then tumble dry it or lay it out flat on a towel. If you love this crocheted necklace, but would love it even more in another color, let me know. I love custom orders, and I have a variety of yarns to choose from! To view crocheted chain scarves in other colors, visit the Crocheted Necklace Section of my shop: