Chakra Balancing Gemstone Bracelets
Shamballa inspired, Tibetan style, Semi-Precious Stone Chakra Balancing bracelets, one stone for each Chakra with five of six bracelets having their own unique design. Pictured are five unique bracelets, ranging in size from six inches to eight inches. (The 7" bracelet has a twin for six bracelets total) The first two of the six bracelets are 6", with two differences. One has Jasper for the Red Root Chakra bead, and the other an imitation ruby made from glass. The 6" bracelet with the imitation ruby has a light blue Agate stone for the Throat Chakra, while the 6" bracelet with the Jasper has a Throat Chakra bead made from Shell. Both 6" bracelets have 7 Semi-Precious Stones (one for each Chakra) ten Lava Rocks and two Sterling Silver Disks separating the Lava Rocks from the Semi-Precious Stones. The third and fourth bracelet, represented by one pic, are seven inches. These two 7" bracelets are exactly alike and have the same Semi-Precious Stones (without the shell or imitation ruby) that the 6 inch bracelets have. They are: Jasper, Amethyst, Agate, Soapstone, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine and Rose Quartz. They have a total of twelve Lava Rocks each, separated by one Sterling Silver Disk on either side of the Semi-Precious Stones. The fifth bracelet is 6.5" and has all the above Semi-Precious Stones and Lava Rocks, just no Silver Disks. The sixth and last bracelet is eight inches. This bracelet has more Silver Disks, for a total of ten, one in between each of the twelve Lava Rocks, and has has the same eight Semi-Precious stones that are in the two 7" bracelets. These six bracelets are $12 a piece, however I am offering any 3 for $30 and all 6 for $60.