Make Your Own Magic (M.Y. O.M.)

Welcome to M.Y. O.M. (Make Your Own Magic)

Located In
Ithaca College, NY
Owned By
Jennifer Walker
Store Details
My intent at M.Y. O.M. Is to provide instruments for Spiritual Ascension with my Chakra Opening, Cleansing, and Balancing Semi-Precious Stone Necklaces and Bracelets, Mala Prayer Beads, and Shamballa Bracelets. Each one is made with intent. Chakra meditations matching the Chakra of the piece being worked on arei being listened to, or my own Japa being done as I create a Mala specific to certain Chakras or Attributes. It brings me Joy to create pieces that will aid others in their Spiritual Journies. Sat Nam, Namaste, and Shamballa On!