Brass, pendant, key chain, hand woven clasp, necklace
gourd, Brass material, height 2.8 cm, width 1.5 cm, weight 27 G. gym shoes,Brass material, length 4.2 cm, height 2.4 cm, width 1.4 cm, weight 30 GRobot,Alloy motorcycle, Alloy material, length 3.2 cm, height 1.8 cm, weight 22 G Helmet,Alloy material, length 2.8 cm, width 1.7 cm, weight 18 G Ruyichen,Brass material, length 5cm, width 2cm, weight 22G G Aladdin lamp,Brass material, length 4.6 cm, width 2.8 cm, height 1.7 cm, weight 25 G bucket,Brass, 3 cm long, 2.4 cm wide, 11.9 G angel,It is made of brass, 3.6cm high, 2.1cm wide, and weighs 10.6g leaf,Brass material, height 4.1 cm, width 2.4 cm, weight 23 G Zhu Bajie,Brass, 3.1 cm high, 2.2 cm wide, weighs 10g This is a key chain series. Some of them can also be used as necklace pendants. They are mainly made of brass. They are all hand woven ropes and beads. Purchase $35 or more from my shop and automatically get free standard shipping for US deliveries! And orders below $35 have a flat shipping rate for US deliveries.