Papaya oil lightening skin face cream, Carrot seed face cream, Cucumber face cream, Evently skin tone face cream, Mature skin face cream
Luxury face cream formulated to lighten, brighten and make skin tone look even. Some fruits and veggies are known for centuries for ability to help fade skin blemishes, brighten skin and help with appearance of age spots. Lux Natures makes no medical or cosmetic claims, but operating according to personal experience and deep research. Please, make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Papaya, cucumber, potato and aloe are known for lightening and brightening properties for centuries. Papaya face cream made with Aloe, Cucumber and Potato extracts, organic Papaya seeds oil, organic Tomato seeds oil, Baobab seeds oil, Sandalwood, Geranium and Carrot Seeds essential oils. Cream has no synthetic fragrances added, scent is from essential oils- it's earthly, natural smell. According to me personal experience using that cream, results start to be more visible in about 2 weeks, please be patient. Cream has no bleaching ingredients, except natural brightening skin extracts and oils. Listing is for 1 jar of 2 oz cream, free US shipping, international shipping is available. For better result, combine cream with face and body Papaya Sea Buckthorn soap