Cracked Agate and Citrine Oil Diffuser Bracelet
This bracelet is made by hand using cracked agate rounds, citrine chips, and absorbant lava stone rounds. Each bracelet is held together with strong elastic, making it flexible and able to fit most wrists. Lava stones can be used as oil diffusers simply by adding a drop or two of essential oil on one of the eight lava stone beads ( the black beads with holes in them ). When the scent is gone, simply add a drop or two of essential oil just like the first time. Mixing oils isn't recommended as it will muddle the scents. Do not continue to use essential oils if skin irritation occurs. Each item is hand made with careful attention. No two stones are alike but for the most part, all items will closely resemble the pictures given to the best of my abilities. If you have any questions about the item or customizations, feel free to contact me at any point.