Air Planter Mosaic jellyfish READY to SHIP sea urchin air plant stain glass wall art Nautical Christmas gift seashell decor
Add a Unique and original Look to any room or outside area with these Beautiful Handmade Mosaic Living Wall Art Jellyfish Décor AS PICTURED READY TO SHIP You get one Jellyfish Sea Urchin Mosaic Wall Art with Two air plant Jellyfish. (Air plants may vary from Pictures) This has one large Alphonso and One small green Sea Urchin Jellyfish with plants Color of Sea Urchins Jellyfish may vary Approximately 6.5 inches X 6.5 inches X 1inch However the sea urchin jellyfish protrudes The Beautiful Iridescent Glass shimmers colors of Blue, green and pink when light hits it at different angles. The This art has been sealed for use in humid areas like the bathroom. I guarantee my products. If you are not happy with it, please contact me As with many things, this product can be a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. May have sharp edges Key words, Sea, Sea Urchin, Jelly fish, jellyfish, ocean, nautical, plant, plants, air plants, holder, pot, terrarium, mosaic, Décor, home, Decoration,