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Living Wall Art Mosaic Air Plant Home Décor GENUINE Sea Urchin Shell Jellyfish. Very unique. This is for ONE mosaic With air plant. Please contact me with glass color requests. JELLYFISH SEA URCHIN WALL ART Upon request, Sea Urchins can be made to Glow in dark with absorbed light. Pictures shown are glow in dark. Please be aware that Glow in the dark may "Muffle" the color slightly Sealed for use in areas like the bathroom. And sealed for easy cleaning. Signed by the artist. Approximately 3in X5in X1in Edged Wood with Mosaic Below are the list of colors for background MIRROR GLASS: BLUE, YELLOW, LIGHT GREEN, DARK GREEN, PINK, PURPLE, SILVER IRIDESCENT GLASS: CREAM, BLUE, GRAY, WHITE (IRIDESCENT GLASS SHIMMER WITH MULTIPLE COLORS ALMOST LIKE A MOTHER OF PEARL SOLID GLASS: WHITE COLOR OF GROUT: WHITE, LIGHT GRAY, DARK GRAY, BLACK, LIGHT BROWN OR DARK BROWN. COLOR OF EDGED WOOD FRAME paint: LIGHT BROWN, DARK BROWN, WHITE, Light Turquoise, Baby Pink PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU DESIRE ANOTHER COLOR COLORS MAY VARY DUE TO MONITOR SETTINGS. AND COLOR OF URCHIN MAY VARY DUE TO IT BEING A NATURAL SHELL As with many things, this product can be a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. May have sharp edges. Key words: Plant, air, airplant, air plant, wall art, bathroom, decoration, sculpture, handmade, made by artist, art, sea shells, nautical, lighthouse, ocean, sea, bay, glass, mirror, iridescent, boat, ships, fish, Shells, pacific, Atlantic, sand