Cross Shell Cross Sea Shell Cross Air Planter Air Plant Wall Art Wall Cross Cross Wall Beach Nautical Pastor Gift Christian Home Decor Cross
Beautifully Designed Sea shell Wall Cross with Strombus and Cockle Shells. The cockle shell extends out beautifully to display A gorgeous Air Plant which is included. The Air Plant represents Life, the gift that Jesus offers to us. Jesus sacrificed His life for us. He was sinless, pure and the Perfect Lamb of God. Jesus was Successful in defeating death, as He rose again and His tomb was empty. But He is still with us today, loving us and guiding us as we venture through life's pathways. His gift to us, if we will believe in Him, accept Him as our Lord and Savior, and repent of our sins, is eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven. This Living wall art is Approximately 12 inches x 8 inches Set upon a wooden cross and is ready to hang on your wall. Air plants are pretty easy to care for. Just mist 1-2x weekly, lightly and once a month dip them in water and set in from to a fan to dry completely. You can go the extra mile as well and get fertilizer to spray on them once a month, it would help them grow.