Reproduction Civil War Cage Crinoline Hoop Skirt Gown 1855 1856 1857
The round cage support is called a cage crinoline due to the appearance by the hoop wires and support. Although called a crinoline, does not include any current day crinoline. The cage is 126" in circumference at the bottom and 36" in length. It has 10 hoop wires made from 1/2 inch plastic coated spring steel. The cage ties at the waist (no buckle). Spring steel will spring back into shape unless exposed to extreme heat. The spring steel used in this petticoat is coated in white plastic to prevent rusting. The bag as it is called at the bottom of the hoop prevents you from stepping through the hoops when walking. All solid colors available. Multi colored casings and suspenders available, for an additional fee. Please allow 4 weeks from payment to shipment of your hoop. This is not a heavy duty support for heavy gowns made from drapery fabric or other heavy fabrics. I have worn it with a 5 yard Moda cotton skirt. Sizing: Medium waist to 29", hip to 41" Large waist 30-36", hip 42-48" XLarge waist 37-43", hip 49-55"