Civil War Reenactment Belle Sophia Girls Ball Gown Sizes, Styles and Colors
Beautiful ball gown inspired from Belle and Sophia on the Disney movie. Belle's Gown: satin gown with organza overskirt and ruffle around the neck. Extra bows are around the neckline and sash. Sophia's Gown: satin gown with lace detail on the top skirt (using washable fabric glue), underskirt included. Satin, lace, or organza is available in any color, handwash. Blouse in all girls sizes. Please specify skirt length or height. Full 3 yard circumference on this gown, so it will work with any girls size petticoats (not included, but available. Hat not included). 3 piece set: Adjustable blouse, skirt and sash. Please allow 1 week for shipment.