Lori Anngelo Designs

Handmade and One of a Kind incorporated with Bits of Repurposed Vintage Pieces

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Lori Wilczek
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I am Minneapolis artist and began honing my artistic skills from childhood. I was always painting, drawing, or creating some kind of assemblage from scraps. I love to repurpose things! For over 12 years I have been designing and making jewelry. My work is often inspired by victorian and vintage styles. Because of this, repurposed vintage bits and pieces are incorporated into my jewelry. I have always felt that jewelry makes a statement about who we are, our personality, our sense of style, even our moods. Jewelry is an important part of a wardrobe; it's the finishing touch. This is why every piece I make is a unique and one of a kind. Lori Anngelo Designs can also be found at: The Buffalo Nickel Antique Market, 1004 3rd St S, Buffalo, Minnesota https://www.etsy.com/shop/LoriAnngeloDesigns Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoriAnngelo