Studio Lilybean

Unique and beautiful handcrafted jewelry

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South Charleston, WV
Owned By
Mary Blake
Store Details
I've been making jewelry for over two decades. I'm obsessed with everything vintage, especially the brooches! I think they are amazing little microcosmic examples of the art forms favored in the decades they were designed in. Unfortunately it seemed to me that few people wear them anymore, so these gorgeous little pieces end up forgotten in drawers and jewelry boxes. I decided to make them more accessible by creating necklaces and bracelets around them. I'm also obsessed with producing a high quality piece of jewelry that will last, SO: I don't use fiber string, Skin oils can eat through anything, using fiber string ensures that the piece won't last very long. I use a product called "Soft flex" (which is 19 to 49 strands of steel coated in nylon) and metal crimp beads as the "knot". This means that the pieces in my collection will stay together indefinitely with normal use. The brooches I use have been collected over years, they date from around the Edwardian period to the early 1970's. If they're damaged I repair them, I also reinforce all components whether loose or not. I try to retain the structure of the pin, but if the back is damaged, I'll remove the pin finding to make the piece stronger and more comfortable to wear as a pendant. That said, the pins are little bits of history, I recommend treating them as such. I think of them as "Heirlooms for Adoption" that deserve to be worn, seen and cherished. Lately I’ve been OBSESSED with wire work and Trees of Life. I have not abandoned by beloved brooches, I just needed a change I love my job and I love, love, LOVE my customers! My only goal is to match my pieces with people who are as special and unique as the antiques that I'm privileged to work with
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