Industrial/Rustic/Handmade Towel Holder/Hand Towel/Bath Towel/Pipe/Bathroom/Kitchen/Garage/Modern Towel Holder/Small Big Towel Holder/Gift
ALL LIGHT FIXTURES AND ACCESSORIES ON WOOD CAN BE DONE IN BOTH STAIN COLORS ... JUST LET US KNOW. DESCRIPTIONS: This industrial, rustic towel holder is a perfect accessory for a small bathroom as well as a master bathroom. It takes a very little space but gives a big impression. The loop opener is big enough to hold a small wash cloth towel, hand towel or even a bath towel. It can be your only towel holder in a half bathroom or one of many hanged in a row in kids, guest, second or master bathroom. ITEM DETAILS: - wood: 5,5" x 5,5" - towel holder: 3" wide 3" tall 1,25" deep - towel not included - mounting screws are included It's made out of pipes and wood. Clean and protected for long lasting use. Easy to clean with damp clean cloth. We use a clear coat lacquer to protect the pipes and wax for the wood. All items are fully assembled and ready to mount. Color-matched mounting screws are included for your convenience. Every wood piece is unique so the wood can have a slight differences in color than it is on the picture. Shipping from Chicago area.