Industrial Handmade Light Fixture Chandelier Living Room/Dinning Room/Breakfast Room/Kitchen/Island/Bar/Farm House/Vacation House/Gift
DESCRIPTIONS: Industrial handmade light fixture chandelier. With a dark walnut finish and cage surrounding LED bulbs, this chandelier is an industrial light fixture great for dinning room, breakfast room or kitchen island. THE CHANDELIER CAN BE CUSTOMIZED IF YOU WANT MORE LIGHTS OR LESS, ALSO THE PIPE LENGHT CAN BE DONE AS A SPECIAL ORDER. PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE WILL QUOTE IT. ITEM DETAILS: - Dimensions: 36" x 27" W - Pipe length that connects to ceiling 24" H - Bulbs: Accept all standard bulbs up to 60 watts - Light bulbs ARE included - Color variations available - Processing: 1 - 2 weeks - This light is dimmable - Caution: All lights are easy to install but it should be done by a qualified electrician. *all electric components are UL listed from electric supplier.