Industrial/Rustic Modern Handmade Pipe/Wood Towel Holder/Bar with 2 Hooks/Hangers/Racks for Towel/Robe/Bathroom/Workshop/Office/Gift
DESCRIPTION: Add some industrial/rustic style to your bathroom, garage workshop or office. This item was created to add a touch of a class to your home. It will give you a space for a towel and 2 hooks for your extra towel or a cozy robe. It's made out of wood and pipes. Both were clean and protected for long lasting use. Easy to clean with damp clean cloth. It's a great piece to any house. New and modern or old with character. Do you have a beach or vacation house? It will give you lots of complements when your guests arrive. The length of each towel space and wood, as well as number of hooks can be customize to fit your needs and space. Made with care and love! ITEM DETAILS: - wood: 42"long 5 1/2" wide OR 36" long 5 1/2" wide - towel holder: 24" pipe OR 18" pipe - hook: 3" wide 3" tall - wood & towel length can be customized We use a clear coat lacquer to protect the pipes and wax for the wood. All items are fully assembled and ready to mount. Color-match mounting screws are included for your convenience.