Loco Roco Bracelet - Glass Tile Squares Recycled Magazine Style 1 OOAK
This one-of-a-kind glass tile bracelet uses images from the PSP video game, Loco Roco, cut out from video game magazines. I used to subscribe to many of them back in the day and today, many of them no longer publish paper magazines. I didn't have the heart to throw them away so instead, I recycled them and used the images to create this one of a kind bracelet. This black resin bracelet is elastic so it should fit most wrists. The images are 20mm (3/4") squares and there are a total of 8 unique glass tile images on the bracelet. The bracelet features images from the 2006 PSP game Loco Roco. The images may come from one or more magazines. The tiles are made of glass so please handle with care as the glass could crack if dropped on a hard surface. The images have been sealed twice - one with a glue sealer and again with resin. The glass tiles have been secured with resin so they will not fall off. The bracelet is water resistant and has been tested in water. I do suggest that you remove the bracelet before showering, bathing, or swimming. I do not recommend keeping it in water for prolonged periods of time. I will be offering more styles of Loco Roco bracelets (and other video games), however, no two will ever be the same. They can never be reproduced as seen here and I will eventually run out of magazines to recycle. So once they are gone...they are gone. Shipping: The bracelet will be wrapped in tissue and placed in an organza bag (color is random) as well as other packing materials in order to ensure safe travel via USPS.