Lepidoptera is the Insect Order that butterflies and moths belong to, hence the shop name Lepidopteran Art. I am an entomologist with North Carolina State University and have always been fascinated and amazed by insects, particularly butterflies. They are such delicate beauties, many of them with incredibly vibrant wings. They are natural works of art! By creating jewelry using real butterfly wings, these natural works of art can by preserved and enjoyed, even after the butterflies have passed. No butterflies are ever harmed or killed in the making of my jewelry. I obtain my butterflies from butterfly farms and conservatories after they have been allowed to live their full lifespan and have died naturally.

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Shipping Policy

GENERAL SHIPPING INFORMATION: Most items are already made (and therefore in stock) and are shipped out within 1-2 business days after ordered. Other pieces are made to order and will ship within 3-5 days. To determine when a particular listing will ship, click the "Shipping and Policies" tab under the photo for that listing. I ship all my jewelry using USPS First Class mail. Shipping to a USA address is 3-5 days using USPS First Class mail. US shipments include tracking to make sure they arrive at their specified destination.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If you are unhappy with your product in any way, please send me a message right away. If there is something wrong with the piece, I am more than happy to offer a refund or an exchange. Please contact me if you run into any problems with your order and I will do my best to make it right! Thank you so much!

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Patty Alder

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