Purple Faerie Star Tie Dye Men's L (woman's XL) 42-44 chest T-shirt crew neck multi colors Unisex 7-point Fall Colors
Here is a new Gildan super soft T in a large. Comparable to a woman's XL It's 28" long. I've designed this in a 7-point purple star, representing the Astrological Faerie star, that also encompasses earthy elements. The back features bursts of fall colors. Chest: 42-44" Waist 36-38 Neck: 16 3/4 Comparable to a woman's XL for Unisex wear. This tee is designed to move with your body. It's made with 100 percent premium cotton for softness and durability and, has a stay-flat collar that won't roll up or crinkle. Wide-cut arms won't restrict your range of motion. All my creations are pre-washed in hypoallergenic detergent, so they can be worn on arrival!