Owl Fabric Patchwork quilted cuff bracelet for 7.5-8" wrist Fiber Art lace trims purple batik accents multi-color fiddle-comfort 9.5" x 3.5"
Here is a fun, one of a kind, anytime bracelet, to accent an outfit or just wear for it's comforting effect. The Owl is the star of this patchwork ensemble. The cuff gives a feel of wrist swaddling when worn, which can feel soothing. This one is designed for a 7.5"- 8" wrist. It fits perfectly, loose enough for you to spin it, but snug enough not to spin on it's own. I've used 7 different laces and trims that make it so pretty! It has a Velcro closure for easy on and off, this also allows for up to a half inch adjustment on fit depending on where you place the hook over the loop! The Velcro is not visible once fastened. The inside of the bracelet is 8" when fastened. The backing fabric is purple tie dye pattern that compliments the batiks used. There is a cozy layer of cotton-poly batting in between, so it keeps your wrist warm too!