Golden purple Natasha Pendant 23" OTH handmade swirl dragon's vein beads statement necklace and earrings polymer jewelry set bronze tone
Here I've created a lovely, one of a kind chunky necklace set, in swirls of gold, midnight blue and purple! The teardrop pendant is a Natasha work (mirror image) with a crystal teardrop in it. Natasha designs are up for your interpretation. The strand is harmonious with purple and amber dragon's vein beads, amber yellow hearts, faceted crystals and handmade polymer lentil swirl beads and nautilus rounds. The beads are also made with clay that has an ultra-fine sparkle to it so it glistens. The necklace is triple hand strung together for strength and durability. The matching earrings are 2" and have a lot of sparkle to them as well. These are also Natasha teardrops, which is very hard to achieve in two separate pieces. This set will truly evoke a wow when you wear it. Polymer jewelry is very light and comfortable to wear. All the pieces together weigh just 1.9 oz.