Peachy Orange opaque teardrop pendant Chain Pull ceiling light fan faceted crystals beaded strand light catching ball chain
Here is a lovely opaque veined stone pendant with accenting glass, round and faceted crystal beads. The beaded strand portion with pendant is 6" long with 6" of gold-tone chain attachment. for an overall length of 12" It looks so pretty when the light shines through it! I like to call my fan/light pulls "ceiling fixture jewelry!" They will truly embellish any room. I make these with professional hardware; loop, screw-mount and push-mount links, .3-mm 7-strand beading wire, split rings, crimp beads & ball chain, and a dab of jewelry glue at the top, making them very durable. Easily shortened if desired, by removing the loop link at the end, snipping off the desired length of ball chain and then putting the loop link back on.