Teal Blue and Star of David Tie-Dye Men's V-neck Sz M Women's Lg 38-40 T-shirt tee Cotton Sapphire hand dyed Boho psychedelic unisex adult
Here is a new Gildan Men's M (38-40) chest, V-Neck T I've tie-dyed with a Star of David pattern in Teal, blue and green. this is comparable to a woman's Large, but is a bit longer at 29" L. It is made of soft, absorbent 100 percent premium cotton. Close up some of the patterning looks like leaves, very handsome. The short sleeve V-neck t-shirt is machine washable for easy care. It features taped shoulder seams and a stay-flat collar, which offers lasting comfort throughout the day while looking stylish. All my clothing offerings are pre-washed in hypoallergenic detergent & fabric softener; making them wearable upon arrival!