Tie-Dye Blue-green camouflage Levi's graphic Boy's Youth XL 18-29 T-shirt tee 100% Cotton crew neck brown green teal blue
Here is a new, premium Levi's graphic T, soft cotton, tag free around the neck. Every manufacturer is so very different in their product, so I measure everything after the whole process. It's a crew neck T with the Levi's camo graphic on front, I've tie-dyed in a cool blue, green & teal camouflage pattern.. It is made of soft, absorbent 100 percent premium cotton. Measures flat: width 18" (36" chest), 26" long. will fit 13 to 15 year child, weight: 126-146 lbs and 65"-69" tall. All my clothing offerings are pre-washed in hypoallergenic detergent & fabric softener; making them wearable on arrival!