Hand made Leather Three Pocket Designer burgundy and cream bucket bag
This hand made beautiful genuine leather tote bag has a double 100% cotton lining. All of the inside lining has been finished to help prevent raveling. You do not see this added attraction but we wanted to make the lining more durable for quality reasons. There is a 8.5 zipper pocket in the front with two leather inside pockets approximately 9" x 6" and the other is 6" x 6". Enough of a pocket to fit a cell phone or I-Pad. The two handles measure 24" each. We have provided a harder reversible bottom square to reduce purse sag. One side is burgundy leather and the other side is the cream leather and fits exactly to the 8" x 6" bottom. This extra bottom piece is great when cleaning your purse. Just pull it out, wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth and dry, then re-insert into the bottom or remove it all together. Also when you use the light color bottom it is easier to see the bottom of the purse. 15.5 wide x 11.5 tall We only accept PayPal right now and shipping within the U.S.A.. Thank you for looking. I can also make custom made tote bags and purses. Just send me a conversation of your interest.