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Namaste This Doggie Lama is the image of tranquility and has struck a peaceful and meditating pose. This content Buddhist is a kindred soul traveling the enlightened path. Keep in your home or garden when you are in need of peace or keeping your life balanced. Come sit awhile, my Canine Buddha Sculpture will bring spirituality, renewal & calm. "Gesture of Praying" Also called the simple Namaste (prayer) position (means "I bow to you.") In this gesture, the hands are kept close to the chest in devotional attitude with the palms and fingers joined. This is the special gesture of Avalokiteshvara with more than two arms. This statue is very versatile because it could also be an ideal memorial for those that have left to soon. Description The Canine Buddha is 7” Tall x 5 3/4" wide x 3 1/2" Deep. Available in two finishes. I've painted most of my statues with black noses you can choose the statue as shown or with the nose painted black, choose from the drop down menu. He comes packaged beautifully with his very own Om ॐ charm, Buddhists and Hindus often repeat it as a mantra during meditation. Buddhists do not bow nor pray to a statue but to the Dharma that the statue represents. Dharma is the law of nature, and Buddhism is a way of life. What the Buddha taught is not just the law of nature but how we live by it. The term “worship” is seldom used if not at all in Buddhism because it may cause confusion with its generic meaning by other faiths such as Christianity. Worship is a total submission to a master or a creator and Buddha is neither our master nor a creator. Buddha is our supreme and most respectable teacher, one who is fully enlightened. When we pray, we are praying to the Dharma, represented and taught by the Buddha. My handmade statues/figurines/plaques are cast from high quality molds, in ultra-fine cement for superb detail and brought to life with outdoor paints & sealers to bring years of enjoyment indoors or out. Specially blended cement is hand mixed and poured in small batches using great care to produce the best quality statue possible and individually hand painted resulting in a one of a kind creation, there will be slight variations in shading and color. Custom inquiries are always welcome. Thank you for visiting and supporting my shop. Utha