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Namaste’ ॐ OM The Enlightened one, Buddha in feline form is shown in a popular position of meditating, balancing and concentrating on releasing negative influences. Sitting cross legged depicts the pose of inner peace and with the thumbs and fingers touching helps to create or enhance the flow of energy. This feline Buddha has wonderful detail and will be sure to please cat lovers and seekers of the divine truth. Perfect for the alter in the home or outdoors. This content feline Buddhist is a kindred soul traveling the enlightened path. Keep in your home when you are in need of peace or keeping your life balanced. A must-have accessory for any Zen Garden, Miniature Garden, Herb Garden, Tranquility Garden, Water Garden or Terrarium. Come sit awhile, my Cat Buddha Sculpture will bring spirituality, renewal & hope to the child of nature within you. Sitting in the meditation pose used by Buddhist. The Cat embodies the spirit of Buddhism and can teach the ways of meditating and the ability to "zone out" and I'm absolutely certain that the Buddhist teachings must have started from direct observation of cats. ॐ Buddha Cat is 7” High x 6" wide x 4" deep,. he comes packaged beautifully with his very own Om ॐ charm, Buddhists and Hindus often repeat it as a mantra during meditation. My handmade statues/figurines/plaques are cast from high quality molds, in ultra-fine cement for superb detail and brought to life with outdoor paints & sealers to bring years of enjoyment indoors or out. Specially blended cement is hand mixed and poured in small batches using great care to produce the best quality statue possible and individually hand painted resulting in a one of a kind creation, there will be slight variations in shading and color.