Manatee Wall Hanging
I create this manatee out of pine. I carve and shape it and basically bring her to life. When I'm making my creations it's like they are coming alive in my hands and I love the feeling! After I finish carving her out ( this particular manatee felt like a female to me) I use wood stain to shadow and contour her colors. Then I paint in the eyes with acrylics to make her come alive even more. As the final finish I use spar urethane to seal and protect. Also because it is weather resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors. I also have a environmentally friendly finish which makes the wood more natural instead of golden. However this is only for indoor use. You can choose this in product options. You have a choice of her moving to the left or right. Example: The Manatee pictured is moving to the right as you look at her. Measures: 16 5/8" tall X 8 1/2" wide I ship worldwide on all my pieces. You need to contact me for a shipping quote as due to weight and size and if you get it with another item I cannot list them all. Please read my policies on creation, shipping times and returns.