Scarlet Macaw Bracelet
If you love nature as much as I do be sure to add this beautiful Scarlet Macaw to your collection. You'll feel like you brought in the rain forest. As unique as you are! I create this colorful macaw from copper sheet and thick copper wire. Cutting her out and engraving in details then using handmade alcohol inks to bring out her beautiful and vibrant colors. She is just waiting for you to take her home. You can choose in product options which way your macaw is flying. Left as pictured or right. Measures: 7 1/2". However I can make this to your size. See sizing below. In product options you can choose your size. If you are somewhere in between these leave a note to seller with your size at checkout. Sizing details: MAKE SURE IT FITS, TIPS ON GETTING THE SIZE RIGHT BRACELETS---Using a flexible measuring tape, or string and ruler, measure just above the wrist bone, then add 1/4" to 1 " (1/2" is average) depending on how tight you like your bracelets to fit. This is your bracelet size.