Bottle-Nosed Dolphin Paper Towel Holder
This Bottle-nosed Dolphin paper towel holder is made from white pine and poplar. I create this original artwork by cutting, carving and engraving both sides of my dolphin. I then use wood stain to bring out the realism in each piece. I also handpaint the eyes to make them pop! I finish this with spar urethane so you can use this indoors or out. I can also use a water based finish which is enviromentally friendly if you prefer. However this is for indoor use only. I call it eco friendly finish and you can choose this in product options. If you would like to see the difference in finish check out the last picture off my turtle paper towel holders to give you an idea. The darker one is spar urethane the lighter one is eco friendly. Each piece I make will have very slight differences as they are handmade so it will be unique to you. Normally these are made to order but I have one in stock right now with the spar urethane finish. Which can ship within 3 days.