Mens black wool hat
This hat, hand knit from basic black yarn will give you great protection when out in the elements this winter. I have given you 2 choices for this hat to made out of; Either 100% wool or a nice acrylic/wool blend. **Wool is great for keeping your head dry if you have to be out in the snow for extended periods of time. This hat will be great for those that have to wait for the bus, walk in all weather and even those that just have to work out in the stuff. The yarn is basic black wool with 30% mohair. The mohair and the wool gets softer as time goes by and fills in all the gaps creating a warmer, softer hat that you will love. **The acrylic/wool blend gives you the warmth of wool (but not the full benefits 100% wool would give) and ease of care since it is machine wash and dry. This hat will fit a head about 23+/-" around which is most men's heads. If you need a large size for a head that is 25" or larger, please contact me. I've made each hat with care, you'll love it! Hand wash the wool hat in the bathroom sink with a bit of shampoo, lay to dry. Acrylic/wool blend is machine wash & dry, gentle. *REVIEWS I have received for this item: "I received the hat today and it's perfect!! We're having a little snow storm and I even had a chance to try it out while I walked the dog--perfect. Thanks, so much. I look forward to more of your hats in my future." Massachusets