Mens brown, white wool fingerless gloves
These fingerless gloves (or mittens) were knit from a classic rag wool. Remember when we had socks like these? I used the same type wool and hand knit on these 3 needles so there isn't a seam. These fingerless gloves have an enclosed thumb, not just a slit, too! The wool is extra soft, in fact I think you'll have a hard time believing that they ARE wool! Stretchy ribbing all around to ensure this will fit most any man. In fact, if you look you will notice that the fabric literally hugs your hands and wrists. These fingerless gloves (or mittens) were hand knit from 100% natural wool in a tweed that is handsome and practical. It would be great for those that hunt. Care: 100% wool, so hand wash & lay to dry on a heater register. They will be ready to go by the next day!