Mens navy blue mariners hat, wool, seamans skull cap
A knit hat that is the thickest I make (to date!) and is surprisingly soft. Traditionally knit from the bottom up this mens skull cap has 2 layers of knitting over your ears to keep them warm and is made with 100% wool. This hat is darker than the picture. My camera wanted to brighten this up and I couldn't edit it out. Excellent for those that have no choice but to work out in the cold. Construction workers, mariners, road crews, and hunters. Made to fit most men's heads about 23" +or- as this pattern stretches. Constructed from yarn that is 100% wool. Care: Hand wash in the sink with a bit of shampoo, roll in a towel to absorb excess moisture (or spin cycle of the washer is even better!) and lay on the heater register to dry by the next day.